Information to know before picking up an order

If you wish to pickup an order you need to telephone in and arrange a pickup time. This follows varying order fulfilment times arising from whether winding off is necessary, whether we have the product in stock, or we have to bring it over from our bulk store to have on the shelf in the office. Consequently, orders are ready at the time specified, rather than in ” half an hour”. On occasion, GMAIL and our websites fail, consequently if you have emailed an order it may not have reached us due to failure of Alternatively, our computer service providers websites might have a glitch where an online order hasn’t actually reached us. So If you’re coming in to pick up an order, please telephone ahead to be advised as to what time the order will be available to be picked up by. We have put this notice up because far too often people are emailing orders and sending around sub 60 couriers to pick them up and they’re not ready for reasons beyond our control as detailed above. Thank you for your understanding.