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Our Colour Wheels are made from actual pieces of our media to give our customers the best idea of colour and get a feel for the products.

HP100 COLOUR RANGE: https://heatpressmedia.co.nz/product/hp100/

FLEX 220 COLOUR RANGE: https://heatpressmedia.co.nz/product/flex220/

UCUT 50 COLOUR RANGE: https://heatpressmedia.co.nz/product/ucut50/

SS 60 COLOUR RANGE: https://heatpressmedia.co.nz/product/ss60/

POLI-FLEX COlOUR RANGE: https://heatpressmedia.co.nz/product/poli-flex-premium/

SISER COLOUR RANGE: https://heatpressmedia.co.nz/product/siser-ps-stretch/

Additional information

Product Type

Colour Swatch

Product Range

SS60 Colour Swatch, UCUT50 Colour Swatch, Flex220 Colour Swatch, HP100 Colour Swatch, Dual80 Colour Swatch, Orange Sample Strip, HP100 Colour Wheel, UCUT 50 Colour card