1. For prices per metre for various lengths SEE BELOW!
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  3. Minimal fabric distortion when peeling clear carrier off film
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  5. for what it looks like on black fabric see below
  6. Super stretchy makes it great for active / sportswear
  7. Sticky backing makes it great for placement on garments
  8. What you need to know when ordering less than 5m

Application Instructions

Price Breaks Based on Roll Length:
25m @ $11.50 per metre
10m @ $12.00 per metre
5m @ $12.50 per metre
1-4m @ $15.00 per metre

Application Instructions:
150-180°C for 15-20 seconds – actual times are dependent on your heat press, garment and design. Complete testing before commencing production to calibrate the exact instructions that you need for optimum results.